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Commercial - Fan Wall Installations

A “Fan Wall” is an exciting new technology that is used to replace large supply air fans with newer technology that have some excellent characteristics.

  • elevatorThe fan wall design is modular allowing the modules to be transported through a standard door. Building structural modifications and the need for large rigging and handling equipment is often times completely eliminated with a FANWALL retrofit. 
  • Low frequency sound reduction
  • Redundancy and reliability.
  • Completely eliminates fan belts, sheaves and bearing maintenance.
  • Full range optimum motor efficiency
  • Uniform velocity profile greatly enhances airway tunnel component performance and increases system efficiencies
  • Easily integrated into building automation systems.
  • Reduced carbon footprint due to energy savings of up to 40%.

In February 2010 we completed the replacement of two large 35 year old main supply air fans for a 3 story Class ‘A’ office building in Palo Alto.

This project was a significant “GREEN” energy project. 100% of the construction debris was recycled and nothing went to a landfill. The actual energy savings have been independently verified by a third party and will save the landlord approximately 50,000 Kw/Hrs of energy. This ‘Green’ energy project also qualified for a rebated for the installation of the two variable speed drives as well as a custom rebate based on energy savings.

The installations took place over two different weekends. Each installation began with the demolition of the fan and its concrete seismic base with a cutting torch and jack hammer starting at the end of business Friday night.The modules were assembled in place and the structural and electrical work completed over the weekend so the system was up and running on Sunday and ready for the building tenants on Monday morning.

Old Fan.jpg
This is one of two main supply air fans replaced.

100% of all debris was recycled from both fans

Modular fan installation.

New Fan Wall control panel

Completed installation of one fan wall system.


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