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Green Energy Services - Commercial - Certified Energy Audits

Mechanical Air Service has been involved in the energy related servicing and auditing since 1976.

Mechanical Air Service, Inc. provides energy audit services to improve the energy performance of buildings.  An energy audit helps to identify measures that reduce the energy use and associated costs of operating a building.  Mechanical Air Service’s energy audit service can range from a Level I walk-though audit to a more detailed Level II or Level III audit.  Mechanical Air Service provides energy audits as part of building energy efficiency projects, and to assist in achieving LEED for Existing Buildings: O&M certification.  A typical energy audit can consist of the following steps:

1. Collect and analyze historical energy consumption by end-use
2. Benchmark building energy consumption using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager
3. Conduct site inspection of building systems and measure operational performance
4. Evaluate building operational data and characteristics and analyze trends
5. Identify potential operational modifications and upgrades that will reduce energy use and/or cost
6. Conduct engineering and economic analysis to determine technical and economic feasibility of measures
7. Develop an action plan for economically viable measures


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