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Carrier / Bryant Hybrid Heat Systems

For more than a century Carrier / Bryant has delivered on the promise of doing whatever it takes to provide superior quality, reliability, value and comfort to a nation of satisfied homeowners. With today's uncertainty surrounding utility costs, homeowners nationwide are becoming even more interested in finding the best, most economical solution for indoor heating and cooling. That's why we're excited to offer our Hybrid Heat™ System.

Carrier / Bryant Hybrid Heat Systems combine the strengths of two heating sources to deliver the warmth and efficiency you deserve this heating season. A Hybrid Heat System provides more control over your monthly energy bills by allowing you to choose the most economical method of heating. As conditions change, the system automatically switches between the two sources to maintain greater efficiency than with a single-source heating system. And, because Hybrid Heat provides the flexibility to react to changing energy costs, it's an excellent investment for long term peace of mind, comfort, and protection against unpredictable fuel cost increases.

How Carrier / Bryant Hybrid Heat™ Works to Save You Money
Hybrid Heat Systems deliver exceptional performance using a heating source that provides its most energy-efficient comfort during moderate heating conditions. As the temperature drops outside, the system automatically switches to your second heating source when that becomes the most economical way to keep your family comfortable during more extreme outdoor conditions. Just as you would with any typical heating system, simply set your desired comfort level, and let Bryant's Hybrid Heat do the rest.

Hybrid Heat™ can save on your monthly heating utility costs compared to a standard heating system. Price and availability of fuel sources and the climate in your area will affect your actual savings. Be sure to ask your Bryant dealer how to best utilize a Hybrid Heat System in your home and your region.

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Comfort All Year Long

Carrier / Bryant's ultimate Hybrid Heat TM System combines the Plus 90i gas furnace with one of our Infinity / Evolution series heat pumps to provide soothing, superior comfort during both heat pump and furnace operation. This powerful combination can deliver heated air temperatures that are warmer than most traditional heat pumps so air from your vents feels warmer to the touch.


Because a heat pump also provides cool, indoor comfort when it's hot outside, Carrier / Bryant Hybrid Heat TM becomes your total, year-round indoor comfort solution. And with the recent increase in efficiency of air conditioners and heat pumps from 10 to 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), a Hybrid Heat System could save you money during the cooling season as well.

Controlling Your Comfort with Three Levels of Performance
In addition to its two heating sources, a Carrier / Bryant Hybrid Heat™ System also requires a wall-mounted control that ties the system components together. The control takes the place of a standard thermostat and is designed to automatically select the correct heating source. Carrier / Bryant offers three distinct control choices, each offering a different level of system control:

    Provides unmatched ease of use with ultimate control over temperature, humidity, dehumidification and more, as well as seven day programmability, accessory monitoring and maintenance and service reminders.
    Offers seven-day programmability with enhanced comfort through both temperature and humidity control.
    Provides standard thermostat functions with the convenience of seven-day programmability.

Hybrid Heat

Hybrid Heat

The Infinity / Evolution™ Control is designed with the largest backlit temperature display in the industry and provides intuitive programming with on screen instructional prompts.

The Thermidistat™ Control is much more than just a thermostat. It is your single source of precision temperature, humidity and indoor air quality.

The Hybrid Heat™ thermostat offers ease of use as well as seven-day programmability as an option.

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Automatic, Flexible Comfort Control
No matter which control best fits your needs, you can count on automatic operation of your Hybrid Heat TM System. Mechanical Air Service  will select a "balance point"* that tells your control when it's best to select heat pump heating and when it's time to switch to furnace operation. As utility rates in your area change, this balance point can be easily adjusted by us. To get the best efficiency from your system, we recommend taking advantage of seven-day programmability to select a comfort schedule custom - fit to your lifestyle.

Hybrid Heat
Hybrid Heat™ Deluxe Heat Pump and Deluxe Gas Furnace System

Delivering Comfort and Confidence Since 1904
Carrier / Bryant has been making Americans more comfortable since 1904. During that time, we've provided unsurpassed comfort with the industry's most reliable and comprehensive line of heating, cooling, indoor air quality and control products available. Now, with the Hybrid Heat TM System, we're providing you with the best solution for the unpredictability of utility costs.

As you consider your home comfort, remember that comfort is more than just temperature settings, humidity control and indoor air quality. It's the feeling of security you get when you choose Carrier / Bryant and Mechanical Air Service.  With a professional analysis of your comfort needs and a recommendation of the best combination of reliable Carrier / Bryant products to provide you and your family with well-deserved comfort and peace of mind.

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